Anger unfurls it’s cloak around me,
through me.
It comes from within me;
I wear that cloak of crimson and
pull it tightly around my body.
It chokes me,
tries to strangle me.

Yet it protects me,
shields me.
Keeps me safe underneath
that crimson drape.
For under there,
I am fierce.
I am a warrior.
I am unstoppable.

Step aside,
Get out of my way.


2 thoughts on “Anger

  1. AgainstAllOdds

    It will also eat you from the inside and tear you up. As good as it feels to have it, to let it distance you from others and feel like you are your own strong island, it does not see all the beauty in the world, the grays, or the compassion. Eventually, you may find that letting it go is the key to your happiness because in the end, the only person it’s affecting is you.



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