Request for Help

This is tough. This is humbling myself beyond what I ask of my friends in terms of childcare support. The phrase ‘first world problems’ keeps running back and forth through my head. But I think that phrase is an awful one. It is dismissive and undermines the reality of my pain and my struggles. Problems are problems. Tough situations exist for everyone. Perhaps the difference is in the magnitude of said problem?

This is raw and real and I am done worrying about it. It feels like I am doing my children a disservice by not actively trying to figure out a solution for our security and our future.

If you cannot contribute I totally understand.

If you feel comfortable doing so, please please share this post. I’d be forever grateful.



2 thoughts on “Request for Help

  1. Vendla

    Amy, I have read all your posts and I know how much you are struggling. Please don’t feel I don’t understand, because I do. I have a living arrangement suggestion for you which works for a lot of divorcing couples in my country, although I can’t tell if it will work for you (or in the US).

    Would it be possible for you and your ex to buy two small apartments in the same neighbourhood so your kids can walk between their two homes and be close to both of you? I know the timing of this suggestion is the worst possible and could even hurt you, but I’m thinking solutions which would benefit your kids long term. Would it be possible to suggest something like that to your ex, maybe with the help of someone you both trust?

    I apologize if I’m crossing a boundary here. I really just want to help. As a comment to your most recent posts about your ex’ “new me”, I’d like to add that you are building a strong foundation for the “new you” that your ex lacks. His are only cosmetical changes. Yours are fundamental and internal changes which will stand the test of time. Think about that every time the going gets tough 🙂


    1. Rebuilding Amy Post author

      Venda – you could never in a million years offend me. I am willing to take all advice! The problem with the apartment idea is that my mortgage is less than the cost of an apartment BUT it is something to research down the road for sure. Right now selling the house would add more stress to my kids and myself. And yes, I agree about my journey versus my ex’s. I am growing stronger everyday
      Much love to you



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