Money Saving Tips!

This is certainly new and different for me.

Since I have had to tighten my budget, I have been doing loads of research on how to save money – anywhere and everywhere. And now that I have discovered a few apps that actually work well, I thought I would share them with you all. And my apologies to everyone abroad and not local – they won’t be applicable.

Gas Guru is awesome – It is an app that lets you view gas stations in your area and it is really simple to hone in on the cheapest one. I drive A LOT. To and from work, to and from my kids school, and twice a week a long haul to therapy for myself and the monkeys. Thank God I have a Prius.

The app for Sprouts Farmer’s market is another good one. It makes it very clear what items are on sale – loads of BOGO – and you can generate a shopping list and it will prompt you if one of your items is on sale.

The app for Costco is another good one. It can also generate a shopping list that will prompt you when items you need are on sale. I love this store so much – buying in bulk is a huge time and money saver. I can buy toilet paper twice a year and never worry about it! I can buy a gallon and a half of organic milk for $9.99. Costco is totally worth the cost of membership.

If you are like me and hate leaving the house to go grocery shopping, Boxed is an online big box store that will deliver to you free of charge if you spend a minimum amount of money (maybe $50?). They have a decent selection of groceries and household goods and I have done the price check and comparisons – they really have competitive prices.

If you get your wifi or television through Xfinity – they have an app that offers it’s customers free wifi access. I have found that this actually works and is great for when I am out and about and want to hook up my phone to the internet. Most of my cellular data is turned off on my apps which makes them inaccessible without wifi.

I was able to haggle my cell phone service with At&t down from $75 a month to $50 and the same was true with my wifi bill – $80 t0 $40. I bought a smart thermostat – a Nest – and I love it. It senses when I am not home and drops the heat down to 58 degrees and I have it programmed to go up to 64 when I am home so I don’t freeze my arse off. I also bought a heated mattress pad – it keeps me warm at night which allows me to drop the heat in the house down to 62 degrees while I am asleep.

And this is budgeting 101 – save all of your receipts and use a budgeting tool like Mint. It helps you track your spending and alerts you when you have bills due or you go over a budget.

I think that’s all I have for now. If anything else pops up, I will share it here. And, if you have any other advice or tips, do share!! I am saving money like a maniac. It’s kinda fun.


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