Introvert Hangover

I spent a good deal of my day yesterday being social. It was a rare, lucky day where I got to connect with 3 good girlfriends. Three people I can say my anything and everything to. I had a lovely, full day.

And then, this morning, I woke up feeling utterly exhausted; just wiped out. I have come to recognize this as a social/emotional hangover. I didn’t allow for any recharge time after yesterday’s extroverting and I found myself surrounded by 4-year-olds at work and I nearly burst into tears.

I got through my morning and then made the very smart decision to sit under a tree outside, by myself, during my lunch break. It made a world of difference and I was able to make it through the remainder of my day just fine. This is what I jotted down while I was just being:

I feel peace within me

Radiating from me

I feel a blade of grass tickling my leg

I watch as an ant ascends my boot

I hear the wind wrapping itself around leaves just beginning to bud on the trees

A distant chime from someone’s backyard

The warm spring air moves around me

My hair floats in wild strands around my head

Yet I am still

No cars

No children

No voices or laughter

A magpie cackles behind me

I have found what soothes my introverted soul in the middle of my hectic day




I am ready to go back inside


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