A Letter To My Kids

Love fiercely

Without boundaries


Or limits 



Make mistakes

Make more mistakes

Own your shit

Apologize when you hurt someone

Especially yourself


Be kind

Be brave

Be generous 

Say thank you

Say please


Do not listen to that voice in your head that might tell you that

You’re not good enough

Smart enough

Or worth it

Tell that voice to shut the fuck up


Be your best friend

Because sometime at some point, you’ll be all that you have

You will feel scared

You will feel alone

Your heart will break

But no matter how much you hurt, don’t stop those feelings from coming

Let them come

They will hurt

And they will pass

And every single time you let this happen

You will grow stronger


Notice the little things

The magic moments in falling leaves

Pollinating bees


The stillness of the woods

Making someone smile

A kiss

A hug

A tender embrace


Life is happening all around you

Every second of every day is a gift 

Choose life

Choose love

Choose you


I love you with all that I am 

and all that I have 

forever and always


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