What love is and is not.

Love isn’t careful planning.

Love isn’t compartmentalized.

Love isn’t to be boxed up and put aside on a shelf to collect dust.

Love isn’t to be left alone in the dark corners of your heart.

Love is to be held in the palm of your hand and marveled at. Love is to be shared and given freely. Love is to be cherished; to be in awe of.

Love is respect, care, kindness, and nurturing. Love is acceptance and understanding. Love is something that grows and deepens.

Love takes work.

Love is freedom of self and expression. Love does not have limits or boundaries.

Love isn’t ownership or guarantees.

Love is not a promise.

Love isn’t coercion, manipulation, or desperation.

Love cannot be forced.

Love isn’t expectations or rules.

Love is fluid and flowing. Love is real and honest and trusting.

Love is waking up and choosing to be with someone every single day.


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