You Are Not Invisible

The New Year can be tough for many people for many different reasons. For those of us that suffer from mental illness, we fight a battle every single day of the year. The New Year doesn’t feel any different because we carry our wounds with us no matter what day of the year it is. When you wake up feeling hopeful and determined to make changes in your life in the upcoming year, those of us that hurt wake up not knowing if today will be a good day or a really, really bad day.

This is for everyone who struggles with mental illness. This is for those of us that wear a mask when we venture out into the world. This is for the ones that hurt so deeply it feels like a chore to smile and pretend they are okay. This is for the people who suffer and feel a fear and a sadness so deep it feels as though it will eat them alive. This is for the people that feel separate and isolated for whatever reason. This is for the people that feel invisible.

I am one of those people.

You are not invisible.

You are solid.

You are here and we see you.

You are enough.

You are safe and worthy of being loved.

You are power and resilience.

You are strength and determination.

You are not alone (this I promise).

You matter.

You will prevail.

You are a survivor.


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