Once upon a time, this was my blog; it was called Rebuilding Amy. Years ago, I cranked out post after post as a means of processing through a lifetime of trauma. I had hit rock bottom and I quite literally rebuilt myself with the help of some amazing therapists and sheer grit and determination. I am not the same person I once was and that friends, is a good thing. My hope is that you find some comfort or solace when reading through my posts. It is my mission in life, as a human being and now a counselor, to be as open and honest and real as I possibly can. Mental health has a pretty nasty stigma in this society and I feel as though it is my job to give that stigma the middle finger.

I am now a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate in Colorado helping people heal through tele-therapy. I specialize in trauma and grief work with all ages. I believe in vulnerability, rawness, open mindedness, truth, honesty, and swearing a lot. We are all connected by our stories. This is mine.

You can find me at http://www.rebuilding-together-counseling.com